The Golden Child

All Grown Up

Isabelle Tyler (as played by D)
OOC INFO: For RPGs, currently cut_x_asunder, formerly life_interupted (which began at the end of the Season 2 Finale), as played by eboniorchid. This journal will include adult content and may include spoilers for any and all previously aired episodes (Season 1 and 2, especially). Please read warnings carefully. Writing samples can be found here.

For the current purposes of cut_x_asunder, Isabelle's history has been reconfigured. For now, assume that she's just a normal 20-something female from Seattle.

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Isabelle Tyler is a character from the USA Network's The 4400 and, therefore, belongs to the appropriate creators/producers/etc. involved with that show and that network. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.